Known for being the most “lit” dude at the party, Phil Good showed up one night to a house party (at his own house) and immediately went into “beast” mode. Waking up 12 hours later on the bottom of a bunk bed, remembering nothing of the night before, Phil Good was reborn. With the desire to make music that he could call his own after a previous project fell apart due to Phil’s misogynistic ways, it was time to create what he was meant to create. Music that was not only “sick as fuck” but that Phil could be proud of, something no one he is related to has ever felt towards Phil before. With his debut singles, “Sleeping In” and soon after, “Growing Up,” the project was immediately recognized amongst the coolest fucking blogs out there including Dancing Astronaut, This Song Is Sick, and Earmilk to name a few. Phil even commented about himself once saying “This guy is a legend.” Savage Phil. Just fucking SAVAGE!