Serg Sanchez is a Florida born singer, songwriter, producer and mix engineer based in Nashville. Sanchez is the vocalist for the rock band Atom Smash, formerly signed to Jive Records. Along with an extensive touring background, his music has topped the rock charts. Music written by Sanchez has been featured on CBS, ESPN, WWE and more. He has produced and written for artists such as: Spazz Cardigan, Carson Beyer, Morgan Wallen, Chuck Adams and Maddie Walker.

Artist Release Record Label Year
Spazz Cardigan "Being Human"   2018
Spazz Cardigan "Money"   2018
Maddie Walker I Will   2018
Carson Beyer "Walk On"   2018
Chuck Adams "Time Turns"   2018
Jackie Deville Ladies and Gentlemen   2017
Morgan Wallen Stand Alone Panacea 2018
Atom Smash Passage to the Sun   2013
Atom Smash Beautiful Alien Panacea 2012
Atom Smash Kill Me EP Panacea 2011
Atom Smash Love is in the Missile Sony/Jive 2010
Atom Smash Sacrifice Panacea 2008